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Reviews do episodio "A Very Supernatural Christmas"

Review pela TvGuide

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been waiting for Supernatural to do a Christmas-themed episode and in Season 3 we finally got one. Thank you Eric Kripke and crew for this wonderful holiday treat. Or should I say this wonderfully creepy, bloody and often sad and funny treat. The MOTW that featured a couple of pagan gods doing their best to ruin all the good tidings were great. Although, the lady reminded me a little too much of the old knife-wielding grandma from "Bedtime Stories." I loved how they looked like Ozzie and Harriet but acted like Hannibal Lecter. Their house was perfectly decorated on the outside and the inside; their Christmas tree was Christmas special perfect; and instead of cursing they said words like "fudge." But in actuality, the dangerous duo got their jollies by nabbing those that have been naughty or have the last name of Winchester and torturing them. Merry freakin’ Christmas y’all! But, really, it was the boys present and past that really had me hooked. Dean knew it was going to be his last Christmas so he wanted to celebrate it. Sam, on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with marking the occasion. After all, Sam said Dean hadn’t thought about Christmas in years. And you just knew some of Sam’s issues stemmed from their messed up childhood. So, we were treated to some amazing flashbacks to when the Winchester brothers were kids holed up in a hotel room with Big Daddy Winchester away on a hunt for Christmas. The kid they got to play Sam was just perfect casting. He was so good, and he really had Sam down. Of course, we’d already seen the kid who played mini-Dean in "Something Wicked." Nice continuity using him again, but this time around he was so much better. The flashbacks of Sam finding out dad's true profession were beyond sad, weren’t they? I hadn’t realized that John and mini-Dean kept the truth from Sammy. But the kid was smart — he kept putting two and two together and then connected all the dots when he read BDW’s journal. I’m not sure what was sadder: watching a kid’s world come crashing down as Sammy found out that monsters were real and his dad was some sort of superhero hunting them down; or the fact mini-Dean was privy to this bit of information for a long time; there was never a chance to preserve his innocence. You could already see how jaded the kid was. But you could also see he wanted Sam’s innocence to last a little bit longer. My heart broke along with Sammy's when he discovered his dad wasn’t going to be there with them for Christmas and that his dad’s been lying to him. This realization led to Sammy giving Dean the gift meant for BDW: the necklace Dean still wears to this day. I loved the scene going from mini-Dean putting on the necklace to present-Dean walking in the door to yet another hotel room with said necklace on. Speaking of the necklace, I like that it was a gift from Sammy, but for 2 ½ seasons now, I’ve been envisioning bigger reasons behind Dean’s necklace. Thought it might come in handy with the war they’re fighting. But, you know, I kinda dig it being a gift from Sammy too. It was touching and it just made me feel good to know it came from him. The brotherly love was abundant in this episode: • Dean still wears the necklace Sammy gave him all those years ago. • Despite Sam not wanting to celebrate Dean’s last Christmas, he did, complete with tree, gifts and egg nog with just the right kick. • They were teasing each other all episode; well, Dean teased Sam pretty much the entire episode.• They even had a bit of a chick-flick moment that again threatened to break my heart. It wasn’t long, but it was a good one. It revolved around Dean and Sam’s reasons for either wanting to celebrate or ignore Christmas: "This is my last year." "I know. That’s why I can’t." "What do you mean?" "I mean, I can’t just sit around drinking egg nog pretending everything’s okay when I know next Christmas you’ll be dead."Kudos to Jeremy Carver, the writer of "A Very Supernatural Christmas." He also wrote "Sin City." He gave what every Supernatural fan thrives on: tons of brotherly moments, some laughs, some angst, some gore, even some mentions of Bobby and the Impala. This was a very satisfying episode. Other Thoughts:• It kinda makes me sad that Dean knows what The O.C. is but he doesn’t know who Mary Poppins is. That means he was too busy not being able to be a kid. Boo BDW! (And I love BDW. So much, but still I give him a boo!)• Call me twisted, but I love how that evil Santa dragged the dad out of bed and killed him but also found time to eat one of the cookies the kid left for him. And of course the kid was watching the evilness unfold the entire time. Poor kid.• Loved the retro "Special Presentation" title page as well as the "A Very Supernatural Christmas" title page. Both were nice touches. What I loved even more were Ozzie and Harriet calling Sam and Dean the Hardy Boys. This show does such a great job with the little things. • Jared’s doing a really nice job with bringing a somber tone to his performance — it’s carrying through from episode to episode. Meanwhile, Jensen continues to break my heart with just one look. It’s often fleeting, but registers just enough to make me want to tear up. We’re getting great performances from both guys this season.• The pot-smoking Santa was hilarious. And as much as I wanted Sam and Dean butchering "Silent Night" to be hilarious, it was also really sad that they didn’t know the words. • Mini-Dean having faith in BDW was expected, but damn was it sad to have to hear him make excuses to Sammy pretending their father just blew in with a tree and some Christmas gifts and then blew right back out of town again.• And speaking of an MIA John, I hope the next time they have flashbacks Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s available. • Poor Sam and Dean — what they got for Christmas was a lot of pain courtesy of Ozzie and Harriet. Sam losing that nail was extremely uncomfortable to watch.We’re in hiatus time again. And if I’m to believe what I’m reading out there, Supernatural has four episodes left before they run out due to the writers strike. I seriously hope this whole thing gets resolved fairly and quickly so we’ll get more than twelve episodes in Season 3.To get you through this lengthy hiatus, check out's Online Video Guide devoted to our show.Favorite lines:"We only came here to watch." "Eww!""Hey Sam. Why are you the boy that hates Christmas?""What’s up with St. Nicotine?""Mr. Gung Ho Christmas might have to blow away Santa.""What did Bobby say?" "That we’re morons.""Don’t they look just darling?" "Good enough to eat.""Tell me you didn’t smell that. That was candy." "That was ripple, I think." "Monsters are real. Dad fights them.""All righty roo, step number 2.""You fudgin’ touch me again, I’ll fudgin’ kill you.""Somebody gonna get that? You should get that.""Have a seat. Let’s do Christmas or whatever.""Where’d you get these?" "Some place special. Gas Mart down the street.""Fuel for me and fuel for my baby!""Merry Christmas, bro!"And I hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday season...


Review pela Buddy Tv

Christmas comes early for Supernatural fans as the show offers its final episode of 2007. Thankfully, unlike some other shows, this won't be the end, because Supernatural still has three more episodes to come in January before running out due to the writers' strike. So grab a cup of egg nog and your favorite Burl Ives CD, and let's have "A Very Supernatural Christmas."
A man dressed as Santa Claus rings a bell and a little kid comes to the stairs to witness the magic. There's a clattering on the roof, and the kid thinks it's the reindeer. When Santa goes to inspect the fireplace, something pulls him up and we hear crunching noises, then the Santa hat falls down, covered in blood.
Our favorite Winchester brothers are investing a Michigan family as the FBI. They find a tooth in the chimney and need to find out what dragged the man up it. Dean (Jensen Ackles) thinks it's a serial killing chimney sweep, which causes Sam (Jared Padalecki) to think of Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins. Dean, dumb as always, has no idea what that is. Sam thinks they're dealing with Santa's Evil Brother, aka the Anti Claus. Dean doesn't believe it, and it stirs up bad memories that Dean was the one who first told Sam there was no Santa Claus.The brothers head to a Santa's Village the missing fathers visited before being sucked up the chimney without care. Dean fondly remembers their childhood Christmases with some tasty Boston Market (man, I do love that food). We flash back to Nebraska in 1991. Aww, adorable young Winchester boys! They're all alone, and Young Dean is trying his best to protect Young Sam from the truth about their dad and the demon hunting business. Young Sam brings up their mom, and Young Dean gets very angry and storms out.In the present, the Winchesters spy a lecherous Santa, and Dean offers Sam up to go sit on his lap. Sam says they only came to watch, and the girl elf is rightfully disgusted. Lore says Anti Claus smells of sweets and walks with a limp, and Nasty Santa fits that description. That night they stake him out, and Dean questions why Sam hates Christmas. They hear a woman scream and storm in, guns blazing, only to find Nasty Santa is watching a XXX-Mas video. The Winchesters try to play it off as if they're carolers, and the boys are a lot of things, but good singers is not one of them.In another house, a little boy comes downstairs to see Anti Claus come down the chimney, bypass the kid, and go straight for the parents' room. The mother screams and Anti Claus comes back downstairs with the father in his sack. The kid stares, scared, as Anti Claus kills his father, then grabs a Christmas cookie and eats it. That is so sick and twisted, yet kind of hilarious.The boys talk to the mother as the FBI, and Sam asks about a wreath above the fireplace. Dean mocks Sam for asking this, but Sam says that the same wreath was in the other house. They call up Bobby who says it's not the Anti Claus, and the wreaths have a special Pagan plant. Sam correctly informs Dean that Christmas was not when Jesus Christ was born, but it's based on the Pagan Winter Solstice which Christians co-opted, which bums Dean out. They head to the wreath store, and the shop owner says some town lady named Madge gave him the special expensive wreaths for free.Dean tries to get his baby brother in the spirit by reminiscing about a beer can wreath their dad brought home. Sam wonders why Dean is walking down memory lane, and it's because this is Dean's last Christmas on account of that deal with the Crossroads Demon. Sam understands, and that's why he can't bring himself to be happy, because he loves his brother. Back in 1991, Young Dean comes home with dinner, and Young Sam pulls out a book and asks point blank if monsters are real. Young Dean tells him the truth about their dad and the demons. It's too much for Young Sam, who now fears for his family's lives, so he cries himself to sleep.In the present, the Winchesters visit Madge, who is played by Merrilyn Gann, aka Rose Abbott from Everwood. Fantastic casting. She's wonderfully perky and old-fashioned. Her chipper husband comes downstairs to offer the boys some peanut brittle. That night, Sam confirms the happy couple are actual evil Pagan Gods. They sneak into the house and go past the holiday cheer to a scary, dark gore room. While investigating, Madge shows up and chokes the crap out of Sam, and Mr. Madge knocks out Dean before he can help. Sam flashes the light over the couple's faces ti see some scary dead faces, then Madge knocks him out.When the boys wake up, they're tied to a chair. The happy couple of Pagan Gods are all smiles about how these boys are hunters. The Pagan God Couple are so darn hilarious, speaking like a throwback to the nuclear '50s family. Before eating the Winchesters, they need to perform some rituals by cutting the boys and pouring their blood into some bowls and pulling off Sam's fingernail with a pair of pliers. EWWWW! Madge is upset by Dean's swearing, and she prefers to use the word "Fudge." This causes Dean to give the episode's best line: "If you fudging touch me, I'll fudging kill you!" The couple also need a tooth, which they almost take out of Dean before the doorbell rings. It's a neighbor who they dispatch with before going back to see the Winchesters have escaped.The Pagan Gods find them and start beating the tar out of the boys before Sam gets the upper hand and they stab the old folks to death, quite gruesomely. Standing over the bloodied corpses of two Pagan Gods, Dean tells his brother, "Merry Christmas."Back in 1991, Young Dean wakes up Young Sam to say their dad came and brought plenty of presents under the tree. The presents are a Sapphire Barbie and a glittery baton, and some things never change, because Young Sam is still smarter than Young Dean, knowing that the presents aren't from dad. Young Sam hands Young Dean a present meant for their father, but he now wants his older brother to have it. It's a homemade necklace.In the present, Dean comes back to see Sam has decorated the room and made some egg nog to get into the Christmas spirit. Dean bought Sam some skin mags and shaving cream. Sam got Dean some motor oil and beef jerky. All from the gas station down the street. Emotion almost overwhelms Sam, but he covers it by asking his brother if he wants to watch a football game on TV. Aww, you big lunk, just say "I love you."


Review pela CW

Sniffle… What, we’re allergic to pine trees. That’s why we look all weepy. It’s certainly not because we’re all swoony and squeeing over a touching, funny and still wickedly funny episode of Supernatural. Nope, it has nothing to do with watching Wee Sam and Wee Dean cement the brotherly bonds a good 16 years ago, or seeing the boys bond as best they knew how in the present day. Nothing like that at all… sniffle, sniffle, sob.

Allergies! Honest!

So, were you similarly, um, allergic at the end of the episode? We loved it, from the opening late-70s-style “Special Presentation” graphics to the final scene of the lights and snow reflecting off the shiny, shiny hood of our beloved Metallicar. And there was so much Supernaturally goodness in between!

First, the Big Bad: We love the idea of a bad, bad Santa dragging screaming victims up the chimney in his big red sack – it’s just so horribly wrong! And the scene where Bad Santa, in his blood-spattered boots, drags his squirming sack down the stairs and looms over the adorable moppet – only to take a cookie? Priceless!

Of course, that wasn’t the real bad Santa – it was a couple of squeaky-clean pagan gods who assimilated (apparently by watching 50s sitcoms and buying every available Christmas tchotchke at the Hallmark store) but still had a taste for human sacrifice. How cool was it that Mrs. Pagan God was Merrilyn Gann, who played Rose Abbott on Everwood? Both of the gods were just so awesomely chipper as they did horrible things to our boys (Oh, the fingernail scene! Aieeeee!) We were almost sorry to see them go.

But the real reason this episode worked so well is because it was all about the boys and their relationship. We got a flashback to the Wee Winchesters Christmas, and saw Wee Dean trying to give Wee Sam a childhood, and Wee Sam reciprocating by giving Dean the present he’d meant for Dad – and it was Dean’s necklace! Perfect! And then, the end, where grown-up Sam tries to give Dean a decent Christmas – since it may be his last? That really had our allergies acting up. (We kind of wish that grown-up Sam had given grown-up Dean a Barbie Doll, though – wouldn’t that have been perfect?)

So what did you think? Were you similarly schmoopy about the episode, or do you prefer less sweetness with your gore? Did the Wee Winchesters float your boat? Did you approve of the gore? And what was Sam really going to say before he backed off and asked Dean if he wanted to watch the game? Oh, BOYS!





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